Participants receive the tools to improve academically & vocationally, as well as to develop greater self-esteem and healthier lifestyles.  Customized plans are developed & implemented focused on strengthening participants, families, and the community overall.

We’re here to make a positive impact on your life and the community overall!

SPOA is in our 47th year reaching out to veterans, re-entry returning adults and others,  that are ready to move forward positively in support of themselves, their families, and the community overall.

SPOA Department of Education, Training & Development will be hosting a series of specialized security classes.  These classes will focus on developing skills and meeting state training requirements, to respond to the security needs of the community, effectively and safely.  A comprehensive training curriculum is provided and SPOA is reaching out to potential trainees, as well as training partners.

As a training participant, ‘What If’ you achieve your goal of self-sufficiency by achieving a better life while providing needed community services?   A key goal of SPOA is to aid in paving a path of betterment for those that truly deserve it, but faced with institutional obstacles.

As a training partner, ‘What If’ we will work collectively to combine our learning skills in the ongoing development of a comprehensive curriculum that continues to enhance our security teams ‘ability to provide services to the communities we serve….our communities! We are asking for your cooperation in providing sites that will be used to develop training participant skills so that they are prepared to address any situation that might arise.

RPOS is committed to providing quality, detailed training, resulting in the best security resources in the state.

“Serving and Protecting;  Tempered with Justice and Understanding.”

Apply now if this fits your vision to path a better path for all!



Core Academic & Mentoring Support focused on Highschool & GED completion/Career Planning/Vocational Development. Paid Internships and Technology Training with a focus on coding is also provided as well as field trips to major companies, medical facilities etc. so that youth and young adults can talk to employees and observe appropriate workplace demeanor.

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Job Readiness

Pre-Job Readiness Actions Plans focused on Learning Learn how to create a professional resume/Learn successful interview methods/Follow-up techniques such as thank you letters RPOS Employment Specialists also invite potential employers to workshops where they provide participants with information on their company’s hiring policies, qualifications and expectations.

Financial Literacy

Saving and managing finances is key and many program participants have not been shown how to effectively do this. It is our desire to change this culture by working with participants to open checking and savings accounts. When youths are able to build material assets they are more likely to achieve positive outcomes such as higher expectations and confidence about the future, long-term thinking and planning.

Wraparound Services

Wraparound services encompass needed support in areas such as life skills and barrier removal services.  Not only are participants provided with key developmental support, but also with services focused on reducing violent incidents and negative contacts with law enforcement which generally results in the continued deterioration of the family.  Support as needed will also be provided to youths and young adults in positively going through the court system & the Clean Slate program.  RPOS involves the entire family & family activities are an integral part of the program.

Youth Services

  • Job readiness and job placement
  • Life skills and leadership workshops
  • Paid internships
  • School monitoring (behavior, attendance, and School performance)
  • Field trips and Community service
  • Mentoring

Job Readiness

  • Learn how to create a professional resume
  • Learn successful interview techniques
  • Barrier Removal Services
  • Reduced DMV vouchers for California

Job Placement

  • Reconnect to the educational system to complete high school and/or get GED
  • Referrals to accredited vocational training programs and assistance completing financial aid applications…


  • Fiscal Management
  • Consultant Services

Other Services

  • Re-entry/ex-offender
  • Access to free tickets for family events
  • Court, social service, probation/parole advocacy
  • Transportation to vital appointments for clients