About Us

RPOS has been working in the San Francisco community for over 35 years. Evolving from a smaller organization focused on GED preparation and the special educational needs of young mothers, programs have positively expanded.

Education and training are key to the door of opportunity, and RPOS serves as a bridge for those who lack education, economic self-sufficiency, self-awareness & direction. RPOS takes a holistic approach to assure no participant falls between the cracks.  The whole person must be healed because the mind, spirit and body are interconnected.

Participants receive the tools to advance academically & vocationally, as well as to develop greater self-esteem and healthier lifestyles.  Customized plans are developed & implemented focused on strengthening participants, families, and the community overall.


To provide comprehensive self-development services to the low-income at risk population, by empowering them to take control of their educational, vocational and overall life goals.


Self-sufficiency, economically and emotionally for all!



Tempi Priestly, Founder/Executive Director

After working in the prison system as a correctional officer for years, the vision of Tempi Priestly became to work positively with the young so prisons did not become their destiny. To pursue this vision she began working for the school system first as a teacher, and later as a parent involvement/social service coordinator, focused on helping parents understand their role in the success of their children.

In 1984, Tempi Priestly began her career with RPOS which continues to receive numerous recognitions for its work in the community.

Harriet Larkins, Program Director

Harriet Larkin began her nonprofit career working as a counselor at residential group homes in San Francisco. She transitioned to program manager at a non-profit entity where she facilitated life skills workshops, violence prevention & case management services.

Board of Directors

Archbishop Franzo King
John Coltrane African Orthodox Church

Jo Elias-Jackson
Business Analyst

Maurice Goodman
San Mateo County Community College
Board of Trustees

Jeanne Osbay-Bell